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We are passionate professionals of foot health. We love working hard and developing new products to protect and enhance your foot health. Here you will find a wide range of orthotic insoles and treatments for foot pain and prevention of foot injury during sports, athletic training, and other situations where your feet could be at danger of suffering harm.

Excersise is really good and you should do it several times a week to have a healthy body and a clear mind. Some people experience pain problems after a while of training, so they need special insoles to cure and prevent these painful conditions. Find out more about orthotic insoles by browsing our website!

If you still don't find the information that you need, remember that we have a contact form through which you can write to us with any question that you have. Don't be shy! There's no such thing as a silly question. We will be happy to listen to your case and answer any question that you want to ask. Feel free to contact us as many times as you want. We never get tired of helping!

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 We are specialists in plantar fasciitis



Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition that any person could have at some point of their lives. People with plantar fasciitis experience throbbing foot pain in one or both of their feet. This condition is due to micro wounds in the plantar fascia, which is the flesh of the sole of the feet. Other symptoms could be swelling or itching in the affected area.

The pain of plantar fasciitis intensifies when the weight of the body lies on the feet. In some cases, this pain is so intense that people can barely walk.




Did you know that foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis and other foot or postural problems can be erradicated with the use of the correct orthotic insoles?

We offer the most diverse catalogue of foot orthotic and insoles in the whole market. You will have to see to believe. Check our full stock and choose the model that is best for your case. Ask for custom insoles and special medical prescriptions.



You must visit a doctor to confirm this diagnosis. Be aware of the symptoms described below. If you feel foot pain, you have to go to a physiotherapists and get checked. It could be a serious condition that may worsen if not treated properly. Don't worry! Your doctor will know what yo prescribe to you to get rid of foot pain forever.



When you have to make the choice, we will provide you with professional assessment. However, it would be ideal that we can work with your doctor so we can provide exactly the product that has been prescribed to you. We take orthotics very seriously and we know that this is the best way of doing things.





"My doctor told me that I needed orthotic insoles, and I bought them, but they were just so uncomfortable. The pain was gone but I hated to use them. Then I found out that Health and Care Productions had these gel insoles that were so soft that now I don't wanna take then off!"
Niles Ferguson


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"I want to thank Health and Care productions for all they've done for me. I'm a new person now. I can't describe how much in pain I was before. I used to feel like I was walking on broken glass. Now everything has changed."
Rose Mary Fritz

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